Ep.2: What an Olympian has learnt about breathing | Ft. Adam Burgess

Breathwork is a revolutionary way of not only mastering the cold and handling day to day life, but also optimising for performance.

Today, Laura is joined by Adam Burgess, olympian and world medalist slalom canoeist who is also an Oxygen Advantage practitioner & breathwork coach. He has used his breathing to optimise his performance for his Olympic training and in doing so, also changed his life, his wellbeing and more. Adam believes breathwork will be a big part of his journey as he goes for gold at the next Olympics. 

In this episode, the pair discuss how Adam has submerged himself in the world of all things breath and breathing over the last few years, and specifically discuss: 

  • Adam’s journey to the Olympic Games and career as an athlete; 
  • How he first discovered breathwork and what happened after his first ever breathwork session;
  • Why so many people are breathing wrong today;
  • The difference between mouth breathing, nose breathing - and why horses have such big nostrils; 
  • Why babies know how to breathe perfectly - and where it all goes wrong; 
  • How to start to change your breathing for general wellbeing and performance optimisation;
  • The connection between breathing & seasonal allergies;
  • The connection between breathing, asthma, anxiety and even your pelvic floor. 

Laura also shares her experience with holotropic breathwork, breathwork under the Heathrow flight path (or was it?) and her ‘smaller than usual’ lungs, as well as stories about hyperventilation, sleeping like a disney princess - and more.

This episode is jam packed full of fascinating information around how to use all 

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