Ep.1: Creating the World's First Smart Ice Bath | Ft. Laura Fullerton


EPISODE 1 - Submerged in.,  creating the world’s first ever *SMART* ice bath Ft. Laura Fullerton, founder of Monk

In the first ever episode of the Submerge by Monk podcast, you get to meet no other than Laura Fullerton, the incredible Founder & CEO of Monk. Monk’s Head of Content, Louise Rumball, who has worked alongside Laura on this process of creating the first ever smart ice bath and cold water therapy app, introduces Laura to the podcast and asks her everything that you might want to know about her, her journey, cold plunging, and more. 

The pair discuss: 

  • How their journey has been with the cold so far 
  • How and Laura came up with the business idea 
  • The incredible story of how the name ‘Monk’ was decided
  • Why cold water therapy is revolutionising people’s lives around the world
  • The common misconceptions around cold water therapy
  • Why cold water therapy is NOT the same as cryotherapy 
  • An update on the current build of the product 
  • How you can be one of the first to get your hands on the Monk tub
  • …and more.

Laura also shares an incredible growing body of literature that touches on numerous benefits of cold water therapy. From fat loss, to neuroprotection, to inhibiting tumor growth, protecting against parkinsons, helping with concussions, PTSD, brain injuries & more, you can start to truly understand the science that is backing the Monk journey and why we truly believe that this therapy can revolutionise the health, and lives, of people all over the world.

This episode is jam packed and full of information, as the pair discuss the incredible journey so far.

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