Take conscious control of your mental, physical and emotional health with cold water therapy.

You deserve to meet the version of you on the other side of the ice. Stronger. More resilient. In control. That’s why we’re making it easier, safer, and slicker to transform your life with the world's first smart ice bath and cold water therapy app.


Self-cleaning ozone sanitisation

Ozone is so potent that it kills viruses, bacteria, and algae. No chlorine, chemicals, or manual cleaning here, folks.

Track and optimise your data

The Monk app pulls through your plunge data (such as time, duration, session length), and it integrates with your wearables like Oura, Whoop and many more, so you can see how you're progressing over time, and how Monk is impacting your wider health metrics like sleep and HRV.

Guided breathwork

The internal light guides you how to breathe, putting you in control and present during each plunge.

Beautifully compact

Small enough to fit through doorways, yet spacious enough for 6'6 125kg athletes. Built for both indoor and outdoor use (and so beautiful it’s guaranteed to make your neighbours jealous).

Temperature controlled

At the touch of a button – on the ice bath or the app. No more guesswork or lukewarm water that doesn't give you the health benefits you deserve.

Plug and go

No plumbing – just fill Monk with water and you’re ready to plunge.

Energy efficient

Our insulation's so powerful that our cooling unit only runs for minutes every hour (it's equivalent to running a lightbulb). Monk will keep the water cool (even in warmer climates), and stop it freezing over when the temperature drops. Magic.

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Learn how to plunge safely and effectively with our cold water therapy app

Get ready for a personalised, immersive journey that involves breathwork, therapy, and guided sessions. We’re developing game changing protocols that are tailored to your goals, from muscle recovery to neuroprotection. This is 5,000 years of ancestral wisdom matched with cutting edge science - and it’s coming soon to your pocket.

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The scientifically-proven benefits of Cold Water Therapy


Depression, anxiety, and stress have been closely linked to chronic inflammation. Not only is anti-inflammation one of CWT’s most profound physiological responses, it’s also proven to stimulate the vagus nerve. On a biochemical level, CWT created a euphoric explosion of neurotransmitters, and has been proven to increase dopamine by 250% and norepinephrine by 530%.

Mental Health benefits

Cold water immersion has been shown to provide long-lasting positive changes to our immune, lymphatic, and circulatory systems, which underpin our immunity and ability to deal with disease and infection.

Find out more on how CWT increases disease-fighting white blood cells, boosts natural killer cells that are related to tumour immunity, and increases glutathione, an antioxidant that’s vital for detoxing and combating oxidative stress in the body.

Immunity benefits

When you cold plunge, your body goes into overdrive to stay warm. To cope, it burns stored white fat (aka “the bad fat”) which aids weight loss, activates brown adipose tissue (aka “the good fat”), and has been proven to boost metabolism by 350%.

Cold exposure has been shown to improve leptin sensitivity (one of the most important regulators of body mass). Learn more about brown fat, hypothyroidism, leptin, and thermogenesis.

Fat Loss benefits

There’s a reason elite athletes and sports teams have used ice baths as an integral part of their recovery protocols for decades. Predominantly, cold immersion causes blood vessels to tighten (vasoconstriction) which stems inflammation, helps the lymph nodes move lactic acid and other toxins out of the body, increases blood flow and speeds circulation, and delivers much needed oxygen and nutrients to the muscles which aid their recovery. 

Learn more about lactic acid, how norepinephrine lowers inflammation, what training styles benefit most, and exertional hyperthermia.

Muscle Recovery benefits

Cold therapy activates cold shock proteins, which have been found to play a role in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and acute and age-related diseases including cancer, type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, atherosclerosis, chronic liver disease, and asthma. 

Learn more about RMB3, the cold shock protein making waves in healthcare, and all things neurogenesis, the role of dopamine, neuroplasticity, and more.

Neuroprotection benefits

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