Gen-One Monk Smart Ice Bath

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Submerge to Re-Emerge

Be the first to own this innovation in at home technology and enter an exclusive circle of elite athletes, health professionals, high performers, and biohackers who will play a vital part in shaping the future of Monk, including feeding back on our in-app plunge protocols with some of the biggest names in the space.

Gen-One members will have a direct line to the team at Monk HQ, receive white glove delivery as standard, get access to exclusive community events and workshops, and much much more. 

Be part of the Journey. See full pre-sale details here

Self Cleaning | Beautifully Compact | Plug and Go Installation 

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The Antidote to Ordinary Living.

On the other side of the ice, you're more resilient. Stronger. Faster. Happier. In control. That’s why we’re making it easier, safer and slicker to transform your life with CWT. ⁠

We've Distilled the Science so you can Ditch the DIY

Freezers and wheelie bins be gone. We're obsessed with making it easier to access the life changing benefits of CWT, and the solution is Monk. We've created a sleak and smart device that's ready to win awards (and make your neighbours jealous).

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"The Peloton of the recovery world"

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Set Up Made Simple

Unbox, plug in, fill, & cool. No big install teams, no cranes, no plumbing, no sweat.


Ice Free

Never Buy Another Bag of Ice. Set the temperature you want on the control panel, and we'll will keep it there.


Self Cleaning

Self cleaning ozone filtration capability so potent that it kills viruses, bacteria, and algae. No chlorine. No chemicals. Clean Less. Plunge More.


Indoor & Outdoor Ready

Fits through standard doorways, and is robust against all weathers.

Tested with the Best

The trialing team at Monk is made up of a collective of biohackers, CEO's, professional athletes and all around plunge obsessed individuals.

We're all seeking out a better way to live and we're beyond proud of the potential Monk Gen-One has in store...

All about the details

Conventional 240V/13A domestic power source1520mm (L) x 700mm (W) x 850mm (H) / 120kg Empty Mass Weight

Water Volume up to 230LTemperature down to 3 degrees

Typical energy consumption is a minimum of 78W & maximum of 291W

Temperature and timer via touchscreen and app / Internal light to guide users how to breath and control the experience

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Q: What temperature does Monk go down to?

A: 3c. There are no additional health benefits or scientific evidence to support going lower, and we're champions of teaching people how to use cold water safely and effectively.

Can I use Monk indoors and outdoors?

A: Absolutely, we've built it for both home, garden, and commercial settings.

Q: How does it stay cold?

A: We've built in incredible insulation, which means Monk will keep the water as cold as you want, while being energy efficient. In our tests, the insulation was so powerful that the cooling unit only needed to be on for minutes every hour.

Q: How does Monk teach me how to breathe?

A: Breathwork and the cold go hand in hand. That's why the internal light guides you how to breathe, so that you're in control of your breath and your experience.

Q: Do you use ozone filtration?

A: Yes we do. It's more powerful than chlorine, but doesn't involve any chemicals. It kills viruses, algae, sweat, blood, and even ebola!

Q: Do I need to add ice?

A: You don't need to lift a finger! Simply set the temperature you want on the control panel, and Monk will keep it there.

Q: What are the dimensions of Monk?

A: Monk is compact enough to fit through doorways in your home, yet spacious enough to fit the largest of athletes. Dimensions are: L1520mm x W700mm x H850mm.

Q: Does Monk need to be plumbed in?

A: Nope! You just fill it up with a hose (supplied with your tub), and it does the hard work for you. It just plugs into a standard 240v / 13A domestic power source.

Q: Does it come with a lid?

A: Only the most beautiful lid you've ever seen – for safety, aesthetics, and insultation.

Q: I'm tall – will I fit in a Monk tub?

A: Even the tallest people can submerge up to their necks (which targets your vagus nerve for huge health benefits). We've included three different fill lines internally (fill to 170L, 200L or 230L) to accommodate for all sizes of human.

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