Gen-One Monk Smart Ice Bath

£5,495.00 GBP £5,995.00 GBP

5,000 years of ancestral wisdom meets 21st century engineering, making the life changing benefits of cold water therapy and breath work smarter, sleeker, simpler and more convenient than ever to access. 

Beautifully compact, self-cleaning ozone filtration, guided breathwork, temperature control, plug and go set up, and incredibly powerful insulation for indoor and outdoor use.

Temperature controlled 3-16°c
Self-cleaning ozone sanitisation
Energy efficient
Plug and go set up
Light guided breathwork
Fits through standard doors
£5,495.00 GBP £5,995.00 GBP
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£5,495.00 GBP
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By pre-ordering your Monk today, you’re securing your production slot and you'll be amongst the very first customers to receive their Monk, with a £500 discount and complimentary shipping (worth £499). We'll be shipping orders in sequential order. If you order now, you will receive your Monk in October 2024 (September deliveries are now fully booked). On 1st September 2024 the price will be increasing to the full retail price of £5,995. The early bird catches the worm.

Shipping (free, worth £499!)

Our white glove delivery is complimentary (aka your delivery is treated with ample care). A few weeks before we deliver, we’ll contact you to arrange a time and ensure you’ve completed the pre-delivery checklist for a seamless delivery. On the day, we’ll position your Monk where you want it and take away all the packaging. Pre-order purchases now are to secure delivery spots in October 2024 (September slots are already booked up). 

Please note the following locations will attract a surcharge, and the difference will be passed on to you, the customer: AB, IV, KW, PA, PH, Eire, Northern Ireland, and offshore Isles. You won't be able to order to these locations on our website, so please contact us to get a quote at

Our standard delivery is between 09:00-17:00 on working weekdays (customer will get a better window on the day). However, we can also offer the below:

  • Standard delivery (09:00-17:00) complimentary
  • Pre 1pm £60 surcharge
  • Post 1pm delivery £60 surcharge
  • 9am delivery £120 surcharge
Ordering outside of the UK

Our Gen-One pre-order launch is available for delivery within the UK only. Ultimately, we plan to deliver globally, and we’re launching in the USA shortly. If you’re not in the UK, please do join our waitlist, as your location helps us determine which territories to prioritise for the future.

  • Unique hybrid style ergonomic seating position that allows full submersion up to the neck
  • Power supply: conventional 240v / 13A domestic power source (3M power lead supplied)
  • Measurements: L160cm x W70cm x H85cm
  • Dry weight: 110kg
  • Water volume: up to 300L
  • Temperature: 3°c - 16°c, controllable on the ice bath or via the app
  • Internal light: guides users how to breathe, controllable via the app
  • External light: six colours, changeable on the ice bath or via the app 
  • Always on ozone sanitisation and filter cleaning
  • Filter: 20 micron (5 or 20 can be used)
  • Universal phone holder attachment at nose of ice bath 
  • Display panel to control temperature, timer, external light colour, and airplane mode functionality
  • Airplane mode functionality: turns off all connectivity and EMFs
  • Wood finish on the lid and seat, with premium leather handles 
  • Companion app allows remote control of Monk (change temperature, set schedules, change light settings), provides guided plunges with breathwork, soundscapes, and guided voiceovers, automatically pulls through plunge data (session length and water temperature), and integrates with health and fitness wearables
  • Wireless connectivity to allow OTA (over the air) updates
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Easy water change: reversible flow valve connects to the 6M hose (supplied) and pumps the water out
  • Outdoor cover available as an add-on 
  • Typical energy consumption: minimum of 78W & maximum of 291W, comparable to an LED light bulb or fridge freezer
  • Strong insulation retains the cold (unlike tin, which gains heat rapidly)
Key considerations

Wherever you want to proudly put your Monk, there are a few things to consider to ensure smooth access. We’ve designed it to fit through doorways, but spaces with narrow, tight corners and stairs should be given thought as they may incur delivery surcharges. Its dimensions are L160cm x W70cm x H85cm. Monk weighs 110kg when empty, and can hold up to 300 litres of water (allowing for displacement depending on the size of the user). 

Monk’s grill at the back of the unit needs fresh air in order for our integrated cooling unit to work efficiently, so we recommend leaving adequate space around it.


Your Monk comes with a 20 micron filter, and we recommend you change it monthly depending on usage. We offer two types of filters on our website: 5 micron and 20 micron.

Thanks to our powerful and natural ozone sanitisation, you only need to change the water every 3-6 months, depending on usage. We’ve made changing the water simple: our cooling unit has a reversible flow value, so it will automatically pump the water out via the hose that comes with your Monk, straight into a sink or drain. No manual bailing out water with buckets! 

Servicing and repairs

Our top priority is to fix any problems we can, either over the telephone or in-person with a Monk engineer. Any defective or damaged item that we can’t fix will be repaired or replaced. Please see our terms and conditions for further details.


Our companion app

your personalised cold water therapy coach

Get ready for personalised, immersive plunges that combine guided audio, soundscapes, and breathwork to instil you with the confidence and resilience you need to override your flight or fight system, and discover just how capable you are. We’re developing game changing protocols that are tailored to your goals, from muscle recovery to neuroprotection. This is 5,000 years of ancestral wisdom matched with cutting edge science - and it’s coming soon to your pocket.


Smart tech of rule based progression means that we'll be able to customise your plunge based on how you're feeling day in and day out.

Find the right cold water therapy routine for you.

Integrate with your health wearables

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Monk integrates with your wearables, like Whoop, Oura, and many more, so that you can see how cold exposure impacts important health metrics over time, like HRV and sleep, all in the Monk dashboard.

Schedule your plunges

Your life, your schedule. You can schedule your plunges in advance, and Monk will be at the temperature you want, when you want it. Afternoon triathlon recovery on Wednesdays, and a colder morning wake-up on Thursday? Monk’s got you covered. Plus, you can add it to your calendar for added accountability.


Tested with the best

The trialing team at Monk is made up of a collective of biohackers, CEO's, professional athletes and all around plunge obsessed individuals. We refuse to settle for ordinary – and we think you’re one of us.

You’re willing to dig deep. Find your untapped reserves of discipline, focus, and inner strength. You know you’ve got more in the tank, and want to get more out of life. You’re willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and take back control of your mental, physical, and emotional health. You’re anti-ordinary, and we’ve built Monk for you.