Ep.3: Healing from Toxic and Destructive Parenting | FT. Massimo Fontana

This week, Laura is joined by psychotherapist, sex therapist and NLP practitioner, Massimo Fontana, to discuss his own personal journey with toxic and narcissistic parenting and how boundaries, community, connection, and more can help to heal from the imprints that this parenting style can leave. 

The pair discuss:  

  • The different types of narcissism and the narcissist spectrum
  • The key traits of narcissists that need to be understood by all – envy, lack of empathy, entitlement and more 
  • The connection between narcissism, neurobiology and genetics
  • Whether being parented by a narcissist may influence how you develop as an adult, and how this may guide what types of partners you are attracted to 
  • The psychological concepts of criticism, gaslighting and stonewalling 
  • How an experience with a narcissistic parent or a narcissistic lover can lead to challenges with the sexual self and show up in your sex life

Laura also shares her own personal experience with a narcissistic relationship, how red flags aren’t always as obvious as they seem with hindsight, and asks whether cutting someone off is a sensible way to handle his situation. 

Massimo also shares the concept of exploring the family as an “ecosystem” and understanding the ripple effect of removing yourself from the model and structure.

This episode is jam packed full of real life experience, as well as actionable tips and tricks to help you move through this challenging situation, no matter how old you are. 

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