Ep.8: The future of mental health & psychedelics for healing trauma | ft. Dr David Rabin

Laura is joined by her good friend, Dr. David Rabin, a board-certified psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and inventor, who’s leading the evolution of medicine, mental health, and consciousness. 

Dr. Dave has studied resilience and the impact of chronic stress on our lives for over 15 years, and he specialises in medicine-assisted psychotherapy, and treatment-resistant mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and much more. 

In today’s episode, the pair discuss why everything you thought you knew about psychedelics might be wrong, as well as:

  • An MDMA-assisted psychotherapy trial and its astonishing results in people with treatment-resistant PTSD (+ Dr. Dave’s research in this area)
  • What the word psychedelic actually means and how the substances can reveal the truth of the mind
  • How our dream states are similar to psychedelic states (and the surprising connection to sex)
  • How psychedelics got to ‘illegal’ status in the 60s and 70s and how we can avoid returning there 
  • The ski slope analogy to understanding the brain and the Default Network Mode
  • The concept of neuroplasticity and how we can start to rewrite our neural pathways
  • The three waves of wearables and how these are changing
  • The concepts of macro dosing and micro dosing and how these journeys differ.


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