Ep.7: An update from Monk HQ, pre-launch + the wellness routine of a CEO

Monk’s Head of Content, Louise Rumball, is back chatting with Monk CEO, Laura Fullerton, today, to ask how everything is going, how Laura’s surviving as things at Monk get busier than ever, when the brand’s launching the first ever round of smart ice baths, and how can we all get our hands on them.

Join the pair as they discuss: 

  • The first, limited availability, exclusive pre-launch drop 
  • Highlights of the last few weeks and exciting changes internally at Monk HQ
  • How Laura is navigating entrepreneurship with balance, a lot of sleep, a bit of tongue scraping, and a couple of health optimisation hacks
  • Thursday Plunge Club – coming to an open water source near you soon
  • The ‘Get Things Done’ method
  • And a daily dose of reality as Louise asks Laura what is keeping Laura up at night 
  • The development of the personalised cold water therapy app
  • Laura’s recent research into CWT and autoimmunity

And more.

Plus, who is eating raw liver for breakfast and who is Laura’s ideal podcast and cold water therapy guests?

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