Ep.9: Discovering the truth about products that ‘claim’ to be healthy | Ft. Tim Gray

In episode 9 of Submerge by Monk, Laura joins good friend, Tim Gray, the UK’s leading biohacker and founder of the Health Optimisation Summit, to discuss health, biohacking, and the truth about products that claim to be healthy but are *in fact* far from it.

The pair discuss: 

  • Seed oils, why they are hidden in so many food options and the surprising connection between seed oil, inflammation and sunburn
  • Water, some of the nasties in today’s water sources and whether a Brita water filter really does anything at all
  • Replacement and plant-based meats and whether these could be doing more harm than good to us and the environment
  • The foods you need to eat if you want to live to be over 100 years old (did someone say frozen liver for breakfast?)
  • The cost of organic, healthy living and how to re-think your approach to this
  • The surprising impact that your wi-fi router and plug sockets might have on your health, wellbeing, sleep, and longevity
  • Grounding, what it is and the impact of grounding on your red blood cells and general health

Tim also shares his experience with creating the Health Optimisation Summit, his top 3 favourite biohacks, as well as his insight into what the future of health optimisation looks like. 

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