Ep.4: Submerged in Hacking your Brain Health | ft Kayla Barnes

Did you know your brain is as soft as butter? Leading brain health expert, Kayla Barnes, joins Laura on today’s episode to talk about all things brain health and how food, sleep, airpods, alcohol, concussion, and more can hurt or heal your brain.

The pair discuss:

  • Kayla’s background as a leading brain health coach
  • How brain health doesn’t start when you’re sick
  • Why the brain is like butter and the importance of blood flow to it 
  • The connection of food and diet to brain health & how ‘If you eat junk your brain is going to perform like junk’
  • How to minimise your likelihood of brain injury and how to recover from concussion
  • The importance of toxic load, filtered water, cosmetic chemicals and more on brain health 
  • Sleep, lack of sleep, the connection to blood glucose 
  • The importance low level movement & strength training & the connection of each to brain health
  • Kayla’s brain health foundation tips, and more. 

Laura also shares her personal story with a tragic and traumatic brain injury in the family, and how this could have even been avoided. Laura asks Kayla the questions that everyone wants to know the answer to: are airpods REALLY that bad, what impact does alcohol really have on the brain, and what wearable do you wear to track these things?

This episode is jam packed full of helpful tips around how you can overhaul your brain health and why the time to do this is right now. 

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