Ep.10: Cold water therapy, cardiovascular health & the power of brown fat | ft Dr. Ravi Jain

In this week's episode of Submerge by Monk, Laura joins Dr. Ravi Jain, Doctor, global aesthetics expert, and a committed ice bath fanatic to discuss the science behind cold water therapy, how Ravi is using it to buck the trend of early onset heart disease, and why Ravi recently gave a lecture out of his ice bath!

The pair discuss: 

  • The science behind what *actually* happens in the body in the first 2 minutes of an ice plunge (and how to best navigate this period)
  • When and why your body temperature drops during and after a plunge (you might be surprised!)
  • The different types of fat in the body and their connection to health, longevity and weight loss
  • Ravi’s own personal story and experience with early onset heart disease in his family and how cold water therapy is a powerful part of his prevention toolkit to buck the trend
  • The connection between cold water therapy, the removal of lipids from the bloodstream and insulin sensitivity
  • The concept of pre-workout cooling and Ravi’s fascinating real life experiment around his own heart rate 
  • How to prepare for your first ever ice bath (and how cold showers can help)

Ravi also shares his own personal journey with cold water swimming including how he started, how it impacted his mental and physical health, how to safely reheat post-plunge and his latest adventure that he is taking on: The Ice Mile.

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