Ep.11: Processing grief, loss and heartbreak through wild swimming | ft. Freya Bromley

Laura joins her friend, Freya Bromley, writer, wild swimmer, and the host of The Tidal Year podcast, to discuss the joy of swimming, the redemption it can provide from grief, loss and heartbreak. Freya shares her journey of losing her brother and how cold water therapy and tidal plunging has helped her move through the unthinkable. 

The pair discuss: 

  • Freya’s mission to swim every tidal pool in Britain and how this is going
  • What a tidal pool actually is and how these beautiful spaces are so different all over the country
  • The intense spectrum of feelings and emotions associated with grief, and how an addiction to being ‘busy’ can often keep us distracted from feeling any of them
  • Why wild swimming is often misunderstood and how ‘dipping’ can be just as powerful as ‘swimming’
  • How cold water therapy can be the perfect alternative to meditation, yoga or any traditional means of calming the mind that might not work for you
  • Why a New Year’s Day swim might be the best way to start off your new year
  • Freya’s upcoming book and how fiction writing helped Freya on her journey of healing, and reconnecting with her sister, in a truly unexpected way.

The pair also discuss dipping vs. swimming, screaming under water, dry robes, why the swimming community can often become a little too ‘London-centric’ but why Hampstead Ponds might be a great starting place to start your wild swimming journey.

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