Ep.6: How heath starts in your mouth | ft. Dr. Dominik Nischwitz


How did today’s society get to a place where mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive element known to man, yet we put it in our mouths? Laura is joined by Dr. Dominik Nischwitz, International leader in Biological Dentistry, as they discuss that the future of optimal oral health involves a generation of humans who never need to go to the dentist again.

The pair discuss:

  • What holistic dentistry is and how optimal health starts in the mouth
  • Why mercury, root canals, and cavitations are three of the biggest health killers 
  • The importance of composite fillings and ceramic implants (+ why)
  • The connection between breast feeding, jaw growth, braces and today’s dietary choices
  • What our ancestors (and their jaws) can teach us about optimal health and oral health
  • Why everything you knew about wisdom teeth might be wrong
  • How often you should brush your teeth and use mouthwash (you might be surprised!)

Dr. Dominik also shares how he’s teaching his children to become ‘superhuman’ so that they never have to experience a cavity or any oral health challenges in their lives, as well as the surprising connection between the mouth and muscle building. 

This episode is packed full of biohacks, health tips, and incredible information that the world needs to know about. 


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