We believe in the power of accountability and community

When we take control of our choices and use them to push us and those around us to be our best, we achieve things we never thought possible. Let's use #ThursdayPlungeClub to make accountability a part of our weekly routine, and build each other up. 

We're taking over Thursdays

We’re putting our flag in the sand, and rallying as many people as possible to commit to plunging just one day a week. That small commitment is all is takes to build resilience, self belief, boost your mental health, strengthen your nervous system, and discover who you are on the other side of the ice. 

To get involved, simply plunge, and then use your well-earned bragging rights to tell everyone about it using #ThursdayPlungeClub. This is how we spread the movement, and help more people discover how powerful the cold can be.

Plunge together, here, there or anywhere

If unlocking the *huge* array of health benefits CWT has to offer isn't already good enough, we'll also be rewarding you for your efforts. The more you plunge and share your journey with #ThursdayPlungeClub, the more limited edition gear and exclusive experiences you can unlock. 

Ah, the perks of plunging >

It's time to submerge to re-emerge

The life you want is calling. Let's fill up your cup with a different kind of thirsty Thursday. 

Welcome to the Monk ThursdayPlungeClub

Safely does it

Cold water therapy is a powerful healing tool, and it demands respect. At Monk, we're huge advocates for learning how to use it safely and effectively. Where you plunge and when you plunge (whether it's part of #ThursdayPlungeClub or not) is up to you – we can't be there to ensure you're safe, and so you plunge at your own risk. We always recommend that a) you go at your own pace, b) you don't go straight into freezing temperatures without building up experience, c) you don't plunge alone, and d) bear in mind that seas and even rivers can have unexpected currents.