We believe in the power of accountability and community

When we take control of our choices and use them to push us and those around us to be our best, we achieve things we never thought possible. Let's use #ThursdayPlungeClub to make accountability a part of our weekly routine, and build each other up. 

We're taking over Thursdays

Each Thursday, tune in to our live-streamed breathwork at 7:30am GMT, followed by a cold water dip as a collective. Whether you tune in live or replay later from anywhere in the world, all showers, ponds, wheelie bins, rivers, and bodies of cold water are welcome. 

Here's how to join

Each week we’ll host live-streamed breathwork and social cold water plunges on Instagram at 7:30 GMT, with a guest breathwork practitioner. You can join live from anywhere around the globe, replay later in your own time – or by joining our HQ team here in London. Join the email list to find out where we're plunging, who's leading the breathwork, and the latest intel. From the cold water curious to veterans, we’ll breathe deep, brave the cold together, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Plunge together, here, there or anywhere

If unlocking *all the good vibes* CWT has to offer isn't already good enough, we'll also be rewarding you for your efforts. The more you plunge and share your journey with #ThursdayPlungeClub, the more limited edition gear and exclusive experiences you can unlock. 

Ah, the perks of plunging >

It's time to submerge to re-emerge

The life you want is calling. Let's fill up your cup with a different kind of thirsty Thursday. 

Welcome to the Monk ThursdayPlungeClub

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